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Quality, price, service We have always been vocal!

We provide product design, engineering and manufacturing management services to our customers in new business.

We have extensive sales and industry application experience in the field of sensing technology, especially in the encoder industry. It currently produces more than 1,500 encoders and serves more than 10,000 customers nationwide. Complete range of products, sensors, incremental encoders, absolute encoders, cable displacement sensors, encoder meters, gate opening meters, dual-way correctors, couplings, connectors and other related accessories and selection, And automation project transformation. While providing endless service to our customers, we are able to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our mission

Mission must

We encourage our customers to make unique and valuable comments or suggestions about our products, solutions and services. In this way, it becomes a user's all-weather partner and provides a source and power for our technological innovation.

Our vision

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Personalized, efficient, fast and focused to provide users with superior products.

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about us
about us

Year 2009

The Company

Year 2011

Import and export rights

After two years of development, the company officially obtained foreign trade import and export rights

Year 2015

Online mall
Development completed

De Bing Industrial Control Mall officially launched online operation

Year 2016

Own Brand
Officially put into operation

After a long period of technical accumulation and personnel training, the company’s own brand Beiffder products are officially put into production.

Trustworthy reason

We can do what the urgency of the customer is, think what the customer wants, and help the customer.

On time delivery


Time has become an important part of the company's competitive resources, and our rapid response has been increasingly recognized by cooperative companies.

Smart assistance


Our solutions enable you to achieve better results, whether it's improving the team's technical level or ensuring equipment productivity.

Professional team


We have a 7x24-hour technical and after-sales service team, and it will not be difficult to solve your worries in the first place.


Our products and services are recognized by many global authorities.

More than 10 years of technology precipitation