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Renewable resources

Many aspects of renewable resources are inseparable from our products, and our sensors greatly improve the reliability and effectiveness of renewable resource systems. Wind system operators focus on production and whether they can continue to work. Reliable rotary encoders (incremental and absolute) are designed to meet the needs of the operation and application and meet all industry standards.

Our sensors for use in wind systems ensure energy output, smooth data exchange and optimum machine performance. Our encoders include the largest bus range in the industry, CANopen, SSI, AS-Interface bus, DeviceNet, parallel bus and PROFIBUS bus.

Modern solar installations based on good control will operate effectively. With rotary encoders, they are able to precisely position the tracking system. Our rotary encoder recognizes the direction of rotation and determines the optimum positioning angle based on sunlight.

Realigning the solar panel maximizes the effectiveness of energy conversion. Our rotary sensor recognizes the direction of rotation and determines the optimal positioning angle based on sunlight.

Renewable resources

Including: wind energy, solar photovoltaic power generation, solar CSP and CPV, solar photovoltaic manufacturing.

Wind energy

Wind energy

In the wind industry, we offer incremental and absolute values.
Rotary encoder for positioning or speed measurement of wind turbines...

Solar photovoltaic power generation

Solar energy

We offer a wide range of sensing solutions tailored to meet
Many different light energy tracking system designs used today...

Solar CSP and CPV


We offer concentrated solar energy with a variety of position sensing technologies
Power Generation (CSP) and Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Applications...

Solar photovoltaic manufacturing

photovoltaic manufacturing

From our industrial sensors to support automated solar photovoltaic manufacturing
Applications such as photovoltaic wafers, battery and module production, industrial sensors...

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